Skating to School
by Steve Hobbie

Now I get to do the "Yes son, I skateboarded to school wearing nothing but my clothes and pair of gloves for miles through all kinds of weather, blah blah..."

I did actually break my left wrist one morning because I had this one yard I had to cut through where a big white dog would chase me; kicking my board on flat as fast as I could, to the edge of a long hill where I would usually outdistance him by about 5ft or so.. close call everyday. One day it was raining real bad, road was slippery, I slid out before I got to the hilltop, snapped my wrist, dropped my books, the damn dog bit me on my good hand and yanked off the glove, so I picked up my G&S fibreflex and broke it on his stupid nose. The dogs owners came out to see what all the barking and yelping was about; (I secretly think they watched this sport each morning, because the dog was never on a leash). Then they started cussing at me and threatening to call the cops, some crap about cruelty to animals and what not. I just picked up my stuff and skated on to school. My wrist started swelling real bad in second period. The school gym coach said it wasn't broken because I could still move my fingers or some such crap. The doctor I went to the next day said the gym coach was wrong and put my left arm in a cast. I never got chased by that dog again.

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