Skate Oops
by Steve Hobbie

I had new wrist guards on, the kind with the little slick plastic bump sticking out. I was doing really good. It was my second or third run which started out with an acid drop, air over channel, perfectly stalled invert, when the wrist guard slipped off the coping. I fell the length of my arm straight down on my shoulder, still perfectly balanced [:)] I was hanging there for a sec with the board still in my hand and my feet still on it, thinking "now what?". So I kicked the board away and kind of flipped into the ramp. Ending my run and blowing my chance at scoring good in the contest. I wasn't hurt but I was really embarrassed, I didn't talk to anyone for a while at the contest.

I wanted to crawl off in a hole and die when this picture came out in Trans-world skateboarding a couple-months later. But now, i'm ok with it.

Check out the picture