by Neil Brown

I guess it has been about 10 years now that I have been skateboarding, and about that long I have been making stuff. Stuff, that is what I call it, Art is too serious a word for me and the connotations it brings cause me trouble. Taking things too seriously, or not serious enough that has always been my problem. Laughing when I shouldn't, or getting choked up over something as trivial as a song, there are rules out there - I never quite understood. Outside the rules, that is what drew me to skateboarding, ...no fucking rules. So when I started making stuff I didn't apply the rules that teachers wanted to show me I just did it. They are both the same to me, skateboarding and making stuff, manipulations of other peoples expectations. Here is a bench, sit on it, that is all it is for. I don't think so. We as skateboarders are creators of our own world, with "their" objects. Stairs, rails, the walls , all of it altered definitions. Have you ever thought about how different you think, about how our world is so completely different, yet the same objects appear in it. I know it all might sound strange at first, but just listen. When you pull into a new town or see a new building, the mind of a skateboarder starts seeing opportunities, options ..."look at that handrail, or did you see that bank, pull over !" I see an object, or image, I see beyond what it was created for and manipulate it, alter it's meaning. It is all the same to me, trying to open peoples eyes, trying to expand definition. That is why I use found objects in my stuff. There is a ton of stuff out there waiting, rotting, find it, put it to use for you. I'll always skate as long as my body allows me, I'll always make stuff as long as my mind allows me. You may think that my stuff is trash and doesn't take much talent and I would have to agree. It was someone's trash, and it didn't take much skill for me to alter it, so what is your excuse? Go out there and manipulate this stagnant world, make it yours, make stuff, skateboard.