900 spin Jesus
by Neil Brown

I am nosy. It is something most people don't want to admit. Restaurants are a prime location for being nosy. Everyone is trying to talk about something interesting. I love to hear what is important to the people around me.

It was the third of July in our nation's capitol and I was seeking refuge from the 100-degree heat in a Georgetown tavern. Soon after my food was served, a father and his sons were seated in the booth next to me. The first thing my nosy ear heard from the father was, "He did it! He did it! The 900, he did it!" My ears grew more attentive. I peeked over my shoulder to see a typical middle class father excitingly telling his adolescent son about Tony Hawk's performance at the X Games. I was in a state of shock. Here I was in Washington DC witnessing a revolution of sorts. Things have changed. It wasn't professional basketball, football or baseball they were talking about, but professional skateboarding. A professional sport with its own superstars and national television coverage skateboarding has come of age once again. World championships and corporate sponsorships, it could be filling stadiums soon. For those of us who have been around a while, we have seen this summit on the roller coaster of skateboarding before. I just want the skateboarders of today to understand just like a roller coaster, it is the thrill of the ride that makes it fun. Skateboarding will always be here with or without soda pop and television, so stay on board.